Dream Seminar in Los Angeles

by Ryokan College on April 8, 2014

Exploration of the Social Unconscious through Social Dreaming

    Friday, April 11, 2014 and Saturday, April 12, 1014
The Institute of Contemporary Psychoanalysis 

The Taskforce to Address Racism and Homophobia has a unique opportunity to present a workshop led by George Bermudez on the subject of social dreaming. Social dreaming is an experiential event in which participants voluntarily share their dreams and their emergent associations to the shared dreams. The conventional interpretive process regarding dreams is avoided: rather the participants democratically try to see connections and related patterns among dream narratives, dream images, associations, and ideas.
The central aim is to access the unconscious of the “group self” –that which is collectively dissociated or disavowed. Group self is Kohut’s term for a hypothesized shared group identity; it is a supra-individual identity marked by shared values, aims, hopes, ambitions, and ideals with conscious and unconscious domains. This is an opportunity to begin to integrate the social unconscious of the group self, Bollas’ socially unthought known, with our collective conscious mind in reflective dialogue with Blechner’s dream frontier. Any dream shared will be treated not as an individual’s dream but as our shared dream; we will share any associations, ideas, images, dreams, etc. that occur to us as we listen to others’ dreams and associations.
We will reflect on the Social Dream Matrix (SDM) and have a dialogue concerning its emergent meanings, emotional and social insights, intuitions, and potential applications. The focal theme will be Whiteness and its social, personal, and emotional impact. The dialogues will facilitate more conscious reflection by the participants on the meanings of the group social dream reverie. Our hope is that this process will inspire us to develop further creative expressions and solutions in our individual and social roles. The workshop will begin Friday evening with a light dinner and discussion about the process, and we will reconvene on Saturday morning.




Candidates:     $30.00

Members:        $45.00

Friends of ICP: $60.00

To register online please  click here: www.icpla.edu

To register by phone 310) 207-8441 or email: office@icpla.edu

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